After a longer period of preparations, the doors of the Designhaus Marl were open for coworkers of the modeling project CoWin for the first time on Wednesday, September 05, 2018. Preparations are still on in Gelsenkirchen, since the local Coworking-Space in the Science Park (Wissenschaftspark) is not ready yet, but the Designhaus had the chance to welcome five coworkers already. At the beginning of this phase of the project, an analysis of the coworkers’ necessities and their status quo is essential in order to determine required requisites and tools such as monitors or phones. Furthermore, questions such as whether every company has pre-determined seats or how to access the Coworking-Space were discussed. Three coworker from Sutter Local Media and one from Toipes UG were occupied with these sorts of questions whereas another coworker from Evonik Industries straight went into his daily business. Next Monday, another introductory session will take place in Marl. In Gelsenkirchen, dates will be settled in, approximately, early October.