In the course of bilateral talks between Germany and Greece on intensified cooperation in the field of vocational training, the German Parliamentary State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Thomas Rachel, informed himself – together with a governmental delegation – about the project Græducation. The project has been fostering the cooperation of Germany and Greece in the particular field of Green-Tech jobs. Mr. Rachel expressed a high interest in the project’s various activities on developing new curricula, as well as in the cooperation of the project-team with the Greek employment agency OAED and the institute of educational policy (IEP).

The minister paid exceptional attention to the collaboration of the project-team with the Greek company ICON Group – this visit’s host – in the field of vocational training of skilled workers in Green-Tech-based jobs. During this stage of the project Græducation, the company ICON Group evaluates and launches trials of innovative educational services which are meant to strengthen and develop vocational training in companies. In the long-run, the project Græducation and its associated partners aim at launching associations which collaborate in order to foster sustainable construction work in Greece.