On June 5, 2018, the SELMA project-team had the chance to discuss the project’s preliminary results with the member’s of the project’s council from trans-disciplinary fields for the second time. This allowed to emphasize and focus on new, important aspects for the upcoming work of SELMA. We will shortly publish an overview of the results discussed.

After the council’s meeting, three representatives of the project’s target-branches came together for a panel discussion, which revealed the different kinds of challenges every single one of them has to face on a daily basis if it comes to integrating and collaborating with employees from different cultures.


Most importantly, however, the three representatives stressed the potential and new opportunities they have been experiencing so far in this field. If they face obstacles, they attempt to develop solutions for such issues. The three of them, as well as the audience, would highly welcome an exchange of the different branches.

Records of all events of the “Gelsenkirchener Gespräche zu Migration und Arbeit” will be published at the end of these series.

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