In the last week of June, the partners of the project Græducation – OAED, DGIHK, HBZ, WIPAGE, ICON Group and the FIAP e.V. – successfully launched two workshops. The first one took place on June 26 in Thessaloniki. Young people aged 16-18 years had the chance to attend several experiments on topics such as solar- and wind-power as well as KNX-Smart Home. The experiment focusing on Virtual Reality has been received exceptionally well: Everyone who had chance to attend a virtual tour of an Offshore-Wind Craft Power Plant was enthusiastic about it.

On June 28, the second workshop took place in Athens. More than 130 young people aged 11-16 years participated, mostly girls. The concept was similar to the one in Thessaloniki and so was the enthusiasm for VR.

The next step of the project Græducation will be a five-days-long workshop in September in Greece, which will focus on “train-the-trainer” modules.

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