Last week, the first part of Future4VET was completed during several exciting vocational training events in Athens and the 2nd part, which builds on this, was initiated at the same time.

After a year of intensive cooperation with the Greek Ministry of Education, Future4VET is now focussing on the Greek social partners.

In the first part of the project, three working groups established by the Greek Ministry of Education developed proposals for action for the Central Council of Greek Vocational Education and Training. The results were presented last week by the representatives of the working groups in an evaluation workshop, but have already been incorporated into the new reform laws that will be passed in December. In future, for example, there will be new training centres in Greece that are inspired by the German inter-company training centres. Many other elements of the German dual system, which were analysed and discussed during the study visits to Germany carried out with the working groups, also play a role in the future of Greek vocational education and training. The dialogue-based cooperation between the Greek and German partners has generated many innovative impulses for both VET systems, which are now being further developed in spin-off activities.

In the second part of the Future4VET project, the focus is now on developing implementation scenarios with the Greek social partners. Last week, an initial workshop was held with the trade unions to work out how the newly established regional vocational training councils can more quickly define the needs of local and regional markets in order to propose new training modules, curricula and occupational profiles. An important goal of a newly established working group, consisting primarily of social partners, is to define a systematic process that leads from the definition of new needs arising from digital and green transformation to the implementation of these needs in vocational training programmes. This process is to be piloted in a transformation field within the project. A kick-off with the new working group also took place last week, at which a joint work plan for the coming year was adopted.

FIAP, the German-Greek Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Arbeit und Leben Hamburg and all cooperation partners in Germany and Greece are looking forward to the continuation of Future4VET.