Work within the Economy of Knowledge

“Knowledge work” has become a dominant catchphrase in modern economies. Estimates (for example those of the BauA) assume that already today 70 – 80% of all employees and freelancers are knowledge workers. The dominance of knowledge based work is evident in all industry sectors and (almost) independent of employees’ skill level. Today, business people and technical assistants, engineers, media service providers, computer scientists and administrators combine working requirements and conditions that differ significantly from those of previous times found in industry and craft based businesses. The increasing digitalization of work reinforces the changing nature of work and provides opportunities but also carries risks. Employees must be encouraged to take advantage of potential new digitial knowledge work forms and to avoid risks.

The FIAP e.V. analyses the basic principles of work in the economy of knowledge and develops models and concepts for a job design that promotes creativity and health. A particular focus of research and development at the Institute is to promote new, digitized and globalized working conditions.