Two seminars on instruments for career guidance took place on 20 and 21 March in cooperation with EnergyLab Gelsenkirchen and teachers from EPA.S. (OAED) and EPA.L. (IEP). The teachers got to know the instruments for career choice orientation developed by the Science Park Gelsenkirchen and discussed with the EnergyLab staff how these concepts fit to Greece. In the morning the seminars were addressed to the teachers of OAED and in the evening to the teachers of IEP and teachers of general education schools. This had the advantage that the teachers could continue their main activities in the respective schools.

The Science Park Gelsenkirchen has provided 2 teachers of the EnergyLab concept to help the participants to better understand the different experiments. The seminar focused on photovoltaic technology, wind turbines and KNX Smart Home. The partners of the Science Park also had the introductions for the corresponding exercises and for the experiments translated into Greek in advance to make it easier for their Greek colleagues. The participants of the two types of schools were more than enthusiastic. They showed great interest and immediately started thinking about how they could use these innovative tools in their schools. They also noticed that the biggest challenge is the purchase of the special cases. Until the summer, the teachers can try out the suitcases they brought with them in class.

Next on the calendar is the transfer event in May 2018 entitled “Joint Innovation for Future Competences”, which is considered the first milestone for the project. At this event, important actors from politics, education and representatives of the institutions from Greece and Germany will be invited.