Athens/Thessaloniki, 26th and 28th June 2018

On June 26 and 28, the GRÆDUCATION team will start a series of events on career guidance in Greece. In cooperation with the OAED, school labs and competitions on the topic of “Green Skills in Vocational Training” will be held in holiday camps in Thessaloniki and Athens with 100 – 200 students each. The pupils will get to know a broad spectrum of “green skills” and can test their new knowledge in a competition. They experiment in the Energy-Lab under the guidance of the OAED, the Science Park and the HBZ. They can also try out green technologies in virtual reality. At the same time, they get to know the new training course for “green” electricians designed by OAED and HBZ. They will discuss the prospects for vocational training with the ICON Group company. Each participant receives a GRÆDUCATION certificate at the end.

The series of events started here will be continued in the next school year.