In the project “Climate Competence Iran (CCI)”, part of the ministry of education’s support program of internationalization of vocational training, the institute FIAP e.V. is in charge of the scientific supervision. The project is executed by the GBB, Institute for Training and Careers, based in Dortmund. The IKKE, the center for refrigeration, climate and power engineering, based in Duisburg, contributes its technical basics to the project and implements train-the-trainer-seminars. An Iranian delegation, lead by Farajollah Rajabi, member of the Iranian Parliament and leader of the Iranian Engineering Construction Organization (IRCEO) and accompanied by engineers and architects from Iran’s building industry, had the chance to visit German partners.

The FIAP could introduce the Coworking-Space “New Work Lab” as well as future technologies such as VR, which are suitable to facilitate vocational training. The Iranian delegation expressed particular interest in the development of Green Tech especially in refrigeration and climate technologies. A co-creative approach as well as innovative ways of (advanced) vocational training is something FIAPis adept at due to other projects such as Græducation.

In 2019, first train-the-trainer workshops are planned to take place.