The shortage of skilled craftsmen is a major problem for the development of Greek society and economy. The joint project GRÆDUCATION, together with the Greek partners, is looking for ways to develop, test and implement innovative vocational training and further vocational training. The focus is on the so-called “green technologies” in the field of energy production.

A first major success is the curriculum for a modernized training of electrical specialists for defined activities including “green modules”, which was revised together with the Greek partners in the project. “Green modules”, which include, for example, photovoltaics, heat pump technology and wind energy.

The pilot training has been running since September 2018 at 17 EPAS schools in Greece offering this specialisation – 100% of the schools are participating. The second training course started in 2019. 372 students* are completing the two-year training course, with 150 Greek companies of all sizes participating. Together with the Greek partners, the training course is being evaluated participatively at 3 pilot schools. The first final examinations will take place this summer. The GRÆDUCATION project keeps its fingers crossed and wishes the project continued success.

Time period Participating EPAS-Schools Participating companies Participants
Passage 1 Sept. 2018-2020 17 (100%) 90 199
Passage 2 Sept. 2019-2021 17 (100%) 60 (new) 173
Total 17 150 372