Change agent IBBZ in the green transition? Needs, challenges and potential – considerations based on the example of green hydrogen

As part of a Future4VET advisory board meeting, an international group of experts met on 13th December to discuss the challenges of European VET in the green transition and to define common needs using the example of the “green hydrogen” topic area. On the other hand, the aim was to emphasise how vocational education and training can become the engine of transition in European societies and in a common Europe. The focus was on the question of how international cooperation can contribute to overcoming challenges and utilising potential.

Experts from Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Latvia and Germany took part. There is great interest in the topic and in cooperation, and the aim is now to jointly identify conceptual approaches for new programmes and guidelines and to promote their implementation across Europe. The workshop served to initiate the network and prepare for an international workshop to be held at the international trade fair in Thessaloniki in September 2024. It was organised by the project management agency DLR and FIAP.