Design of Discontinuous Careers

Employees whose employment history are marked by frequent activity and corporate changes, ie “job nomads” or “career changers” are now common place. Work in flexible, virtual structures is just as natural as the change of activity or the company with these employees. They may be considered in a precarious employement situation due to long working hours, a lack of support both within and outside the workplace, but also as disadvantaged regarding their competences development, their health and their career opportunities.

In addition, a growing number of self-employed and freelance agents, are regarded as flexible worker, dynamic and innovative, but are thereby exposed to high-grade strains. Seen as ‘high performers’ they receive recognition. However there are no health-promoting concepts to support this group, to protect against self-exploitation and mental exhaustion.

FIAP raises questions about the supportive competence designs of these fluid biographies and the role of the company and intermediary institutions, but also about solution models for career development, the promotion of health and also occupational health and safety at the workplace. New work and communication forms and their potential for flexible forms of work are analyzed in order to develop, from this background, concepts for an independent biography management and models for competence promotion and for social support.