The second wave of the Corona crisis has mainly hit the care facilities. For weeks, there was no possibility to operate there as a project.
But finally there is good news: Due to the vaccinations in the facilities, the situation has eased to such an extent that the Agile Care project can also gain access again and the employees can participate in further and advanced training again.

The future qualification offer is planned in presence form. However, digital learning units are still planned for certain target groups and topics in order to further expand the progress of digital competence and to take advantage of the associated flexibility.

Already on April 26, the proven “Mentor training to strengthen the employability and empowerment of registered nurses”, will start in a blended learning format. The skills acquired in the first round of this qualification in the early summer of 2020 in dealing with e-learning and the technology required for this are to be retained and further developed in the facilities and among the participants in any case. The results last year were encouraging, and the participants were very proud of their new skills.

A new offer has developed from the experiences of the past months, which were associated with particularly stressful situations for the employees from the areas of caregivers, social services and nursing. Of course, dealing with death and dying is part of everyday life when working with elderly people and/or people in need of care. But the high number of deaths was a new dimension for everyone. Staff members returned to work from an imposed quarantine to find that many people they had often worked with for a long time were no longer there. In addition to the residents, the often distraught relatives, who had few opportunities to say goodbye, also had to be supported. This exceeds the professional handling of dying known so far. In workshops, the experiences with the particularly challenging situations in the context of Covid-19 at the long-standing project partners GEROS GmbH and Kirsch KG are to be worked through, so that the participants can take up their demanding activities with the residents again strengthened and share their experiences with colleagues.

In addition, a completely new target group was identified as part of the project: managers and those responsible for quality management.

These employees have also been particularly challenged recently. Within the scope of the newly conceived qualification offer, opportunities for professional and collegial exchange as well as for the joint development of custom-fit solutions for the respective specific challenges are to be provided.
The task of knowledge management as a strategy in everyday work is also brought into focus. Topics include the consciously promoted exchange of knowledge between different generations as well as getting to know instruments and procedures for systematically securing and passing on specialist and everyday knowledge in the care facilities – tasks that often “go under” in everyday work and should therefore receive special attention.

All participants in the Agile Care project, the care facilities with their employees, the project team and the lecturers are looking forward to the start of the exciting qualifications. This start also represents a cautious return to normality. And should a renewed closure of the facilities be necessary – there is a digital plan B for all qualifications.