In another interesting workshop on November 15, 2018, the cooperation of the project GRÆDUCATION with the OAED could be planned for the upcoming year. The vocational training as a green-tech electrician, as developed in the project itself, has started at all OAED-led schools in Greece. Trainees are usually based at companies, participating companies generally have more than one trainee each. The OAED chose 3 piloting schools in order to be able to evaluate the first year of vocational training and overcome possible challenges. The implementation of this stage is taking place in 2019: various workshops with teachers, trainers and trainees are planned.

Another upcoming activity in 2019 is a congress, combined with the Girl’s Day, launched by the Stavros Niarchos Association. The aim is to inspire more girls for green skills and VET.

It is as well planned to implement a week of qualifications for OAED teacher, focusing on subject- but also cross-subject-oriented models in which teachers and institutions can support the development of a modern culture of vocational training.

The project-team is looking forward to further collaboration with the OAED.