Green education and innovation campus in Kozani

Since October 2020, the GRÆDUCATION team has been in constant exchange with a working group of the OAED to advance the planning for the education and innovation campus in Kozani. After an on-site visit was possible in October last year, the planning has to be further developed virtually since then.

On March 26th, after intensive preparatory work, a first large online workshop with 15 engineers and architects of OAED took place in order to organize the exchange of experience and knowledge as well as to discuss the first necessary steps for the construction and reconstruction of the green workshops. In cooperation with the project team, OAED has defined the first subject areas for which innovative workshops will be created in Kozani and for which curricula and green education and training modules will be developed in parallel, which will then also be used at other OAED schools.

The workshop was attended, in addition to the responsible engineers and architects, by the GRÆDUCATION team, which will be joined by Dimitris Managoudis from ICON Group for the collaboration to build the education and innovation campus. As an entrepreneur and vice president of the Sustainable Building Council Greece, he is, so to speak, the interface to the Greek market and between Germany and Greece, because he is well acquainted with the standards in both countries.

Through the workshop, the necessary steps could be determined to enable OAED to also apply for the financial means for the reconstruction.

We are looking forward to an exciting cooperation and the development of the education and innovation campus in Western Macedonia.