The post-pandemic period will be a major challenge for many European countries, their labour markets and the social conditions. Especially if there were already difficult economic developments and high (youth) unemployment rates before the pandemic. Green recovery offers many opportunities to meet these challenges, create new, more sustainable businesses and employment opportunities.

Against this background, the GreenTecLab project has now started bootcamps in Greece, Spain and Slovakia, where young potential founders and project developers are motivated, inspired and trained to develop new innovative solutions, business and project ideas. The aim is to strengthen the green, economic performance and employment situation in selected regions and contribute to an ecological, social and economic transformation in the three countries.

La Janda and Crete made the start. Digital events lasting several days are currently running in both regions with a total of over 80 participants. The focus is on the European exchange of best practices, expertise and entrepreneurship support. Starting next month, local and international experts will already select ideas in pitches that will be supported until their implementation. Until October 2021, the bootcamps will also continue in the other target regions in the 3 countries, so that at the beginning of 2022, the projects and start-ups that will be supported by GreenTecLab will be determined. They will then also be presented and networked internationally to increase their impact.

30 students and potential founders from Crete are ready to develop their sustainable ideas with GreenTecLab.