How do you generate electricity from solar energy? How does wind energy work?
A new product, developed by the Science Park Gelsenkirchen in cooperation with the GRÆDUCATION project, now makes it possible for pupils in Greece to discover the answers to these questions for themselves. Numerous exciting experiments are presented in small video tutorials, which can then be replicated and reproduced with the solar or wind suitcase – both suitcases are based on the experimental suitcases from IKS Photovoltaik, Kassel.
The DGIHK already purchased 10 such cases last year. Now nothing stands in the way of implementing the concept developed in the GRÆDUCATION project for experimenting with “green skills” in vocational orientation and training at OAED schools.
The tutorials, in both Greek and German, can be seen here:
The FIAP project team would like to thank the project team at the Science Park and the translation team.