GreenTecLab – first face-to-face meeting in Piraeus

Within the framework of the project “GreenTecLab – Empowerment for green start-ups for climate protection”, representatives of FIAP met with a delegation of the German-Greek Chamber and with the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Piraeus, George Papamanolis-Doza, on June 17, 2021.

Mr. Papamanolis-Dozas had invited the cooperation partners in the project “GreenTecLab” to Piraeus. The meeting was attended by: Sarina Thiele, Sotiria Theofanidou and Nikolas Kokkosis from the German-Greek Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Doris Tippmann, from the German Embassy in Athens, Dr. Rüdiger Klatt and Silke Steinberg from FIAP e.V. as project coordinators and the Director of the Piraeus Chamber of Crafts (B.E.P.), Mr. Michail Giagas.

One topic of the meeting was the further concrete cooperation between the German-Greek Chamber of Industry and Commerce and FIAP in order to optimally involve Greek companies in the GreenTecLab project. For this purpose, the Chamber of Crafts wants to establish a coworking space in Piraeus with the support of the partners, among other things.

Another focus was the planned startup competition of the EPAL schools in the district of the Chamber of Crafts Piraeus. The B.E.P. Board decided to hold this competition in memory of the late President of the Chamber, Andrianos Michalaros, and in appreciation of his initiative to improve technical education. The winners are to receive a special award.

In line with the program, visits and tours took place at two companies known in the port of Piraeus for modern marine equipment:

  • GEORGIOS LYGEROS & Co. Psyctotherm”, a company that manufactures refrigeration equipment for ships.
  • STAVROS KASIDIARIS C&A CONTROLS & AUTOMATION S.A., a company offering innovative electronic equipment for ships.

The visits provided an insight into the diverse economic activity in the Port of Piraeus. The topic of “green ports” is the focus of GreenTecLab. The questions are, with which new services and with which new companies can the operation of ports be made more sustainable?

Rüdiger Klatt, Silke Steinberg and the entire FIAP team are pleased to have gotten the GreenTecLab project off to a good start together with the partners in Greece and also to be able to present ideas and findings from other projects – from the graeducation (www.graeducation.org) and CoWin (www.co-win.de) projects. Further reports will follow shortly.