Kick-off for start-up campaigns in Crete and Attica

GreenTecLab Greece has launched the start-up campaigns in Crete and Attica with kick-off events. In both regions, the project can count on a broad network of supporters, in both events high-ranking political and local representatives, but also universities and existing start-up communities participated. While in Crete a focus of the project on innovations in green agriculture and sustainable tourism is emerging, in Attica it is sustainable mobility and logistics, especially port logistics in Piraeus, that want to implement innovations through the project. For the area of sustainable port logistics, the German start-up Startport, an incubator in Duisburg’s inner harbor could be won as a best practice and cooperation partner. In Crete, for example, the Greek company Gaea, which exports olive oil, is a cooperating partner. Through the larger cooperating companies, the project team hopes to attract investors and business angels to support the new companies. The cooperating universities and science centers in Greece are strongly interested in European networking and in initiating funded spin-off projects.

Both events promise an exciting project period in Greece.

For the two FIAP projects GRÆDUCATION and GreenTecLab there are also excellent opportunities for cooperation. The vocational training institutions involved in GRÆDUCATION use the entrepreneurship trainings and also the networks to implement the topic of green start-ups more strongly in their programs.