Last week (11.08.2022) Silke Steinberg and Dr Rüdiger Klatt welcomed Markus Töns (SPD Gelsenkirchen), Member of the German Parliament, to FIAP.

Mr Töns informed himself in detail about the ongoing activities and projects GreenTecLab, Enter To Transform, CoWin and the recently launched project Future4VET.

Silke Steinberg informed Mr Töns about the “NRW Business Dialogue – the scientific competence centre on migrant enterprises in NRW”, which FIAP founded together with the Institute for Work and Technology, the Centre for Turkish Studies and Train of Hope.

Rüdiger Klatt was also able to talk intensively with Mr Töns about the tense situation of third-party research in view of the cuts in funding from the federal budget, from which social and cultural science research institutions like FIAP in particular are currently suffering.

Mr Töns acknowledged FIAP’s commitment to the topics of mobile work and coworking’ internationalisation of vocational training cooperation as well as migration and integration and promised to work in Berlin to strengthen these research topics.

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