Ongoing projects

Here you will find an overview of our current projects.

Enter To Transform – Transformational Entrepreneurship Hubs for Recognized Refugee Re-Starters

In order to sustain and strengthen growth and innovation in North-West Europe (NWE), business start-ups by Recognized Refugees (RR) are a great potential and offer RRs a perspective that enables them to exist and participate socially in European societies. The project contributes to increasing the number of business start-ups by refugees in NWE by improving the entrepreneurial skills of refugees and the capacity of institutions supporting refugees. The target group is the 67% of the 271,630 RRs in the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland and France (Eurostat, 2017) who have an entrepreneurial background and sufficient experience to start a new business.

The project develops social innovations to make RR who want to start their own business fit to start a business. RRs with business experience in their home country bring great potential for a new start, but need special mentoring to navigate the NWE economy. The project creates a supportive environment of hubs that act as ‘door openers’ for RR start-ups through mentoring so that they can become part of the existing entrepreneurial infrastructure. Through the emerging networks, the project avoids parallel structures. RRs receive the tools they need to get started in an environment that is new to them.

Youth Impact

Youth Impact is an international project focused on capacity development of organisations dedicated to support youth employment and entrepreneurship in the field of impact evaluation.

The project aims to create strategic tools and methods, deliver training and build transnational network of experts in the field of impact evaluation. The participation is free of charge thanks to support from EEA and Norway Grants.

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The aim of the research project CoWin is the investigation and model testing of a VR-supported coworking concept for commuters in the context of a field experiment or real laboratory. The research concept is based on the testing of various models based on scientific results for the further development of virtual work within the framework of the coworking model, which is to be systematically designed, validated and implemented together with companies and commuters in the project.

The model-like testing will take place in the Wissenschaftspark Gelsenkirchen and in the Designhaus Marl. Appropriately equipped suitable premises will be rented and equipped with the necessary VR technology by the project.

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Qualifications are to be developed together with Iranian partners from companies, associations and training institutions. The aim is to improve the training and further education of workers in refrigeration and air-conditioning technology by linking the current state of the art in science and technology with didactic know-how in the field of refrigeration and air-conditioning technology from Germany and Iran. The qualifications are to be developed and didactically prepared in this project for the Iranian market with Iranian partners. A close connection of theory and practice is aimed at.

The cultural differences and the special features of the different educational systems will be taken into account. The craft and vocational training in Iran will be supported and strengthened. The certification of the modules according to international standards is a declared goal within the project.

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GRÆDUCATION – Research, development and testing of educational services to improve the training of environmental engineering professions in Greece. The project GRÆDUCATION is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (duration 06.2017 – 05.2020). GRÆDUCATION is carried out by the Institute for innovative and preventive job design (FIAP e.V.) in cooperation with the Education Centre of the Münster Chamber of Crafts (HBZ), Wissenschaftspark GmbH and the German-Greek Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DGIHK) in Athens.

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Companies depend on well-trained specialists who are familiar with international standards in production processes. TecSol is a three-year project funded by the BMBF to address this need. The project intends, in cooperation with German & Brazilian partners, to offer international certificates for various training levels in the field of welding in Brazil. The certifications are based on guidelines of the International Institute of Welding (IIW) and the German Association for Welding and Allied Processes. (DVS).

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