How can I recognize and emphasize my strengths? How can I develop a sustainable, socially orientated business model? What does the market in Greece and Spain look like for innovations in the field of sustainability? For three days, four Greek and four Spanish young engineers faced these questions. FIAP was able to support the project YESclima, which is implemented by the Berlin University of Applied Sciences, the Universidad de Cádiz, Wind of Renewal and the Secretariat for Futurology and funded by the European Climate Initiative (EUKI) and the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, with a three-day workshop on these topics.

In Berlin, the FIAP seminar first dealt with the topics “Employability” and the challenges of modern labour markets, before it became more concrete in the further course of the seminar: In addition to theoretical information on entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and the Canvas business model, it was the task of the participants to develop a draft for a business model in the area of “Green Economy”. The results of the Spanish-Greek groups were impressive and form the basis for possible concrete ideas for business developments and transnational initiatives.

The three-day workshop with the FIAP also marked the end of their two-week stay in Germany, which the young engineers were able to complete together with the FIAP team and the YES Clima project team at TAZ.