On 14.10.2020 the kick-off event for the construction of the Climate Vocational School and the Demonstration Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies will take place in Kozani. O.A.E.D. will be supported by the GRÆDUCATION project to build a pilot school in Kozani, which will focus on qualifications that promote sustainability and climate protection. The building will also serve as a demonstration center for sustainable construction and renewable energy services.

The region of Western Macedonia is regarded as an energy supplier for Greece. Lignite mining has shaped the region for many years and has made comprehensive structural change necessary. The climate targets adopted by the Greek government require a systematic redirection and a sustainable master plan for the region. In this context, O.A.E.D. has selected the EPA.S Kozani to establish a best practice for a future-oriented “green” qualification center together with the GRÆDUCATION partners. The starting signal for this project will be given on October 14th together with all project partners and with the support of the Governor of O.A.E.D. The program of the kick-off event will be published here shortly.