How do we define a “healthy working routine”? How is it possible to work in a connected way? What necessities do we have in the field of digital work? In a first workshop on “Joint innovation: networking and competence development”, the planned series of workshops could be successfully planned together with 18 coworker, coordinators of participating companies and the project team.

After a short introduction of the three main topics (healthy, connected and digital work) by the FIAP, a brainstorming session resulted in an interactive mind map covering possibly interesting workshop topics, displayed by the project’s interactive smart board. The range of ideas reached from “healthy coworking” to profiling and competence development.

The project team of CoWin had the chance to develop a survey checking on the coworkers’ interests in workshops, especially considering the regularity, duration and setting of upcoming workshops. Next year – taking the survey’s results into account – the series are planned to be started, all coworkers, coordinators and the project-team invited.